X-Ray File Storage & Destruction

For over 30 years, File Management Pros, LLC (FMP) has provided exceptional x-ray file storage and management service for diagnostic imaging departments throughout a multi-state region. Our expert team can ensure the integrity of the filing system, while maintaining vital record confidentiality. Not only can our trained professionals purge and transfer all x-ray records, thereby reducing the strain and stress on hospital personnel, they will also transform thousands of square feet (originally dedicated for your fileroom) into available space for patient care or new diagnostic imaging equipment.

The File Management Pros X-ray Storage and Management Program utilizes five efficient steps:

  1. File Removal and Transfer: X-ray files are removed, packaged, and transferred to the FMP warehouse for storage.
  2. Data Entry: X-ray files are entered into a database upon arrival to the warehouse, a database which ensures system reliability (including elimination of misfiles).
  3. File Management: X-ray files are managed as an active file system in a secured operations system, meeting and exceeding HIPAA standards.
  4. File Retrieval: X-ray files are located within minutes and can be transmitted directly to the hospital through a secure broadband connection. If desired, hard copies are returned the next day through commercial package delivery services.
  5. File Purging: With hospital verification, FMP will purge and destroy all files exceeding statutory retention schedules, meeting all EPA hazardous materials guidelines, FACTA and HIPAA privacy protection standards.


There are considerable benefits to the X-ray Storage and Management Program

  • Hidden costs are eradicated, such as unnecessary file relocation, purges, and time invested searching for lost files.
  • File room overcrowding is eliminated, thereby enhancing floor space utilization and minimizes the need to dedicate hospital personnel to non-revenue generating tasks.
  • FMP maintains a 99.9%, same day retrieval rate for all of our customers.
  • FMP strives to maintain a 60 minute response rate for all of our digital clients. Emergency digital response within 30 minutes is also available.
  • FMP uses state of the art software and hardware to provide digital returns of all modalities, including mammography film.
  • Hospitals can improve technician and physician efficiency through immediate access to digital comparative examinations: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The File Management Pros X-ray Storage and Management Program can complete any file transfer and storage quickly and proficiently, as well as providing your staff the best in reliable x-ray file accessibility.

Security. Service. Reliability.

What makes File Management Pros different from both national and local competitors is our complete dedication to outperforming them in all of the following areas.
Ensuring the highest levels of physical and cyber security for our clients defined for our industry. And having our efforts audited and certified.
Providing superior client centric service every day. Local service staff always providing immediate answers and confirming service delivery.
Delivering everything we promise when we promise it. Never missing a scheduled pick up, delivery or shredding bin service date.

Document Storage

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