Overview Of Our Services

File Management Pros, LLC is a quality service provider of file management solutions locally owned and operated in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 1988, FMP has been providing document and records storage, document scanning and imaging services,  X-ray storage , secure document destruction services as well as electronic records management services.

Document Storage and Management Services

FMP provides open file and box storage solutions for virtually all industries; healthcare, insurance, legal, accounting, architectural, financial, technology, non-profit and government entities. Documents can be returned electronically or in their original hard copy form to meet any organization’s needs. FMP has extensive experience in customizing solutions for file moves, file purges, storage and relocation services. We have the expertise to develop solutions to meet your specific objectives.

X-ray Storage and File Management Program

FMP services offer immediate paybacks through the digitization of comparative examinations, enhanced floor space utilization and minimizes the need for dedicating employees to non-revenue generating procedures.

Secure Document Destruction Services

FMP’s secure document destruction services include regularly scheduled pick up services using our secure consoles and bins located on your premises. We also offer on-demand pick up services to meet any organizations needs. All documents and records are shredded upon return to our secure facility. FMP recycles all shredded paper to help reduce the need for future landfill space and demand on the earth’s forest to produce more wood pulp products.

Document Scanning, Imaging and Electronic Records Management Services

FMP provides document and records scanning and a robust web-enabled secure electronic content management services that can meet the needs of any industry. Healthcare, insurance, legal, accounting, architectural, technology, financial, and other professional entities, regardless of size can realize the increase productivity of electronic storage and retrieval of virtually any document or record.