Online Backup and Storage Solutions

Laptop and Desktop Security
and Back up

Cyber security threats to small and medium sized organizations are increasing many fold every year. Now FMP has partnered with a large US based data security and storage company to offer comprehensive packages that include Cyber security, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Breach Management and Workstation productivity. There are five different levels of service designed to meet the needs of any sized small or medium sized organization. These packages are specifically designed for the organizations that don’t have the expertise in house and/or find it costly and challenging to keep up with the ever changing threats of phishing, ransomware attacks and data breaches. Your organizations very existence could be under attack this very moment. Don’t trust your information, your clients’ information and your reputation to cookie-cutter solutions or the limits of a staff member’s experience that may not be up-to-date. Let FMP introduce you to packaged solutions that don’t require your daily attention and that can be tailored to your needs.

Components of the packages include:

  • System state or file backup of all data, media and images
  • Anti-virus protection for computers, e-mail and web surfing
  • Scheduled Vulnerabilities scans
  • Remote management of system updates, patches, and software repairs
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Breach Management analysis and reporting
  • Call us for more detailed information and we can get you a quote today.

Security. Service. Reliability.

What makes File Management Pros different from both national and local competitors is our complete dedication to outperforming them in all of the following areas.
Ensuring the highest levels of physical and cyber security for our clients defined for our industry. And having our efforts audited and certified.
Providing superior client centric service every day. Local service staff always providing immediate answers and confirming service delivery.
Delivering everything we promise when we promise it. Never missing a scheduled pick up, delivery or shredding bin service date.

Document Storage

Off-site storage at FMP is almost always more economical than other options such as self-storage units and certainly more secure.

Document Scanning

FMP can provide solutions for scanning large or small amounts of records of virtually any type. We can upload completed files directly to your network, provide you with secure lockbox access.

Document Shredding & Destruction

Professional document destruction or shredding can protect your organization from the most frequent cause of information breaches, employee error or carelessness.

Laptop & Desktop Security and Backup

Your organization can be protected from many of the threats that continue to grow from phishing and ransomware attacks.