Our Imaging Solutions

Document Imaging & Electronic Records Services

Efficiency is essential for any type of business and File Management Pros, LLC (FMP) understands the importance in how that speed and efficiency are integral in data accessibility and document imaging.

FMP offers VaultView® to deliver a cost saving solution to document management. VaultView® saves time, money, and increases productivity for document imaging and retrieval. See our Electronic Records Management page for more information.

FMP also can provide our clients with a wide range of document imaging services. From large system-wide scanning projects requiring significant indexing and document preparation to on-demand scanning and imaging of specific documents required in minutes; we have a solution to meet your needs. FMP can provide images in multiple formats including PDF and TIFF. Images can be returned in a variety of ways to meet your needs: secure, direct connections to your servers, hard drives or other data devices, HTML/XML. Secure E-mail and fax are some of the options available.

File Management Pros’ VaultView® combines flawless efficiency and dynamic speed when it comes to your document imaging and electronic retrieval needs.