Electronic Records Management and VaultView®

A growing problem facing many companies is the cost and waste associated with excess paper use. Understanding the need of these organizations to streamline their operational needs, File Management Pros (FMP) offers a dynamic Electronic Records Management and Electronic Content Management system that provides easy accessibility and the highest security in document imaging.

FMP eliminates these problems courtesy of VaultView®, an electronic content management solution that provides users with quick, efficient, and secure electronic access to information regardless of location. Users can access archived documents and reports, 24×7 on a secure web browser link.

Benefits to using FMP and VaultView® System

  • VaultView® is a robust, web-enabled Content Management System that delivers fast, secure access to your electronic recordss. Its easy-to-use web-based interface allows users quick access and retrieval to view, print, and download information or select report pages on-demand.
  • VaultView® is state-of-the-art and has imaging and report management capabilities that allow companies to securely capture, store, retrieve and display a wide variety of daily transactions.
  • VaultView® handles all types of transactions in diverse professional fields, including medical records and EOBs (Healthcare Industry), purchase orders and invoices (Retail and Manufacturing), and insurance and loan applications (Financial Services).
  • VaultView® provides secure network access allowing multiple users to view information and data in reports, and export data to spreadsheets – 24×7, mobile or desktop.
  • VaultView® provides global and individual report retention parameters that can be set for automatic purge or archived to disk, tape, CD-ROM, or optical drives.
  • VaultView® adapts to all types of documentation formats: scanned documents, faxes, email, HTML/XML, EDI, and COLD reports.
  • VaultView® can be deployed as an on-site licensed system or as a web-based hosted solution.

File Management Pros’ VaultView® combines flawless efficiency and dynamic speed when it comes to your document imaging and electronic records access needs.


Best of all

FMP and VaultView® reduces overall and operational costs, removing the need for:

  • large system printers
  • printer maintenance
  • file cabinets for storage
  • microfiche
  • the manual labor associated with separating and packaging reports, as well as delivery mechanisms

File Management Pros’ Electronic Records Management systems provide state of the art solutions in electronic delivery, storage, retrieval, and distribution for you.

Security. Service. Reliability.

What makes File Management Pros different from both national and local competitors is our complete dedication to outperforming them in all of the following areas.
Ensuring the highest levels of physical and cyber security for our clients defined for our industry. And having our efforts audited and certified.
Providing superior client centric service every day. Local service staff always providing immediate answers and confirming service delivery.
Delivering everything we promise when we promise it. Never missing a scheduled pick up, delivery or shredding bin service date.

Document Storage

Off-site storage at FMP is almost always more economical than other options such as self-storage units and certainly more secure.

Document Scanning

FMP can provide solutions for scanning large or small amounts of records of virtually any type. We can upload completed files directly to your network, provide you with secure lockbox access.

Document Shredding & Destruction

Professional document destruction or shredding can protect your organization from the most frequent cause of information breaches, employee error or carelessness.