Our Secure Destruction Services

Secure Document Destruction

Regardless of the size of your organization, you could be at risk if you do not take appropriate measures to properly dispose of consumer information. File Management Pros (FMP) has been offering secure records and document destruction services since 1996.

The FTC “Disposal Rule” sets the standard for proper disposal:

“Any person who maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose must properly dispose of such information by taking reasonable measures to protect against un-authorized access to or use of the information in connection with its disposal.”

16 CFR Part 682, RIN 3084-AA94, Federal Trade Commission

Document Destruction Process

All of our destruction services are designed to meet our client’s needs. FMP offers regularly scheduled and on-demand pick up services tailored to any organization’s needs. Our secure consoles and bins can protect your organization’s confidential information. Protect your organization’s documents from outside individuals as well as employees not authorized to have access to confidential record or documents. A Certificate of Destruction is available on request that confirms the secure shredding of your confidential materials. 

File Management Pros has achieved the highest level of certification, NAID AAA Certification, from NAID the international trade organization of the information destruction and shredding industry for its conformance to security and privacy practices in shredding.   

And all shredded paper and cardboard materials are recycled, helping you and us make the world a greener place.

Why take a chance? Place your trust with File Management Pros

Organizations of every type are being penalized everyday with fines for not securely disposing confidential records of all types. Protecting your organization’s and your client’s information is extremely important. Don’t put yourself at risk by relying on a clerk or other staff members to dispose critically important information as a part-time responsibility. A professional solution from File Management Pros is the best solution for all of your records and document destruction needs.

Security. Service. Reliability.

What makes File Management Pros different from both national and local competitors is our complete dedication to outperforming them in all of the following areas.
Ensuring the highest levels of physical and cyber security for our clients defined for our industry. And having our efforts audited and certified.
Providing superior client centric service every day. Local service staff always providing immediate answers and confirming service delivery.
Delivering everything we promise when we promise it. Never missing a scheduled pick up, delivery or shredding bin service date.

Document Storage

Off-site storage at FMP is almost always more economical than other options such as self-storage units and certainly more secure.

Document Scanning

FMP can provide solutions for scanning large or small amounts of records of virtually any type. We can upload completed files directly to your network, provide you with secure lockbox access.

Document Shredding & Destruction

Professional document destruction or shredding can protect your organization from the most frequent cause of information breaches, employee error or carelessness.